Jonathan Gould, Sam Rosenthal, , Jane Spence, Perry Olthuis, and Paricia Vanstone in the Theatre New Brunswick production of Hilda's Yard. 2012


  Set in 1956, Hilda's Yard is the story of one day in the life of the Fluck family. In this scene, Hilda Fluck has just found out that her son Gary has lost his job at a pizza joint and is moving back home.
Hilda: So, what happened with the job?
Gary: What?
Hilda: You said the pizza job didn't work out. So, what happened?
Gary: Well, the owner and me didn't see eye to eye.
Hilda: Didn't see eye to eye on what? It's pizza. They make it, you deliver it. What's to see eye to eye on?
Gary: Well, there was a woman.
Hilda: What woman?
Gary: A woman I met while I was delivering pizza. I delivered a pizza to her place and we hit it off and we started seeing each other.
Hilda: She started seeing the pizza delivery man?
Gary: Yes.
Hilda: Really?
Gary: Yes. Why?
Hilda: Well, I have to tell you, Gary, I'm not impressed with a woman who would date someone who brings pizza to her door.
Gary: Ma..
Hilda: I mean, what kind of a future can this fellow have?
Gary: Ma, it's me! I brought pizza to her door!
Hilda: I know but still.
Gary: So, anyway, this woman and me started seeing each other.
Hilda: And what does this have to do with you and the owner not seeing eye to eye?
Gary: Well, sometimes when I was making deliveries I would stop in at her place even when I wasn't delivering to her place.
Hilda: ...I don't understand. You would do what?
Gary: When I was delivering pizzas I would stop in at her place even if she didn't order a pizza.
Hilda: Why would you do that?
Gary: Oh geez.
Hilda: Well, why would you stop into her place when she didn't order a pizza?
Gary: Ma.
Hilda: ...Oh my heavens. You stopped in for...Oh Mother Mary. That's what you stopped in for? Is this woman a bimbo? Is that what they call them? Bimbos?
Gary: No, she's not a bimbo.
Hilda: But is that what they call them?
Gary: Yes, that's what they call them. But she's not one.
Hilda: But she fits the general description of one, wouldn't you say?
Gary: Ma?
Hilda: She could be mistaken for one.
Gary: Can I finish my story?
Hilda: Please. I'm on the edge of my seat.
copyright 2012 Norm Foster