"Quite simply, A Snow White Christmas is an uproarious, world class musical from two ingenious Canadian theatre legends." -- The Wellington Advertiser

Amy Sellors, Katie Pound and Rebecca Poff. 2013.

The story takes place years after Snow White has married the handsome prince and gone off to live hapily ever after. They didn't. Now a jaded and disgruntled Snow White runs a 'Sweet Shoppe' (spelled Sweat Shoppe) where she has many little orphaned street urchins in her employ.



In this scene, Snow White meets her new neighbour.

Vincent: Season's greetings, fair maiden!
Snow: And a happy yuletide to you, good sir. What can I sell you this fine evening?
Vincent: Oh, I am not here to fashion a purchase from yon counter. Nay, I am not in the market for wares.
Snow: Well, I'm sorry then. I was just closing.
Vincent: I have come to introduce myself. Isn't this a delightful establishment! (Vincent enters.)
Snow: Sure. Come right in.
Vincent: Yes. Enchanting! And are you the owner and proprietor of (He looks at the sign and reads.) Ye Olde Sweat Shoppe?
Snow: Sweet shop.
Vincent: Pardon moi?
Snow: It's not sweat shop. It's sweet shop. The A is silent.
Vincent: I see. A sweet shop. Wonderful news! And what manner of sweets do you trade in, my good woman?
Snow: All manner of sweets, sir. The children work in the back making, chocolates, lollipops, cookies. Everything.
Vincent: I see. So, the children toil in the back of the sweat shop.
Snow: Sweet shop. Yes, they do.
Vincent: Oh! Where are my manners?
Snow: I'm sure I don't know.
Vincent: Allow me to introduce myself. Vincent Charming. At your service. And you are?
Snow: Just closing up.
Vincent: Hah! Gales of laughter escape my lungs! No, I was inquiring after your name, pleasant damsel.
Snow: My name is Snow White.
Vincent: Snow White?!!
Snow: You've heard of me?
Vincent: Of course not. Why would I have heard of you? But it is an honour to acquaint you, Snow White. A privilege to be in the company of one so arresting. Yes, I have just opened a merchandising outlet myself. As luck would have it, right next door to your retail centre.
Snow: And what do you trade in, pray tell?
Vincent: Art work! I deal in art work! Specifically reproductions of the great masters. Here is my card. (He hands Snow White his business card. She reads.)
Snow: (Reading. )Charming Prints.
Vincent: It has a ring to it, don't you think?
Snow: It does indeed.
Vincent: I have come here from a land far, far away, Snow White! A land where I was shunned. Spurned! Cast off! And do you know why?
Snow: Because you talk too loudly?
Vincent: No! Because I am an artist. And I come from a land where art is frowned upon. Where artists are considered second class citizens. A burden to society. Do you know where that land is?
Snow: Could be anywhere.
Vincent: Well, it's not important because I have made good my escape from that wayward nook, and I have come to your picturesque hamlet to carve out a new life. To stake my claim. To make a name for myself.
Snow: By selling other people's art?
Vincent: At greatly reduced prices! Yes, I am a business owner like yourself. You and I are cut from the same cloth, Snow White. We're like two peas in a pod!!
Snow: (Snow White wipes the spit from her eye.) How is that, sir?
Vincent: We're two humble merchants trying to survive in this workaday world. Trying to leave our marks. Trying to make a difference.
Snow: Trying to make a buck.
Vincent: Precisely! Now, you have my card. If there is anything you need--any help. Any assistance. Any heroism--just write to me. Or send me a telegram.
Snow: Or I could just walk next door.
  Copyright 2013 Norm Foster




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