‘Bedtime’ laugh out loud

David Bailey, Laura Hanson and Rick Wright in Phoenix Theatre's production of Bedtime Stories. photo by James Sipes.

REVIEW | By Dale Burrows, For the Weekly Herald

Published Wednesday September 7, 2011.

A bed sets the scene for a married couple about to have sex live and on the air for a radio show; microphones in place, sound effects only, no visuals.

A bed sets the scene for a dying man and a girl from his past to settle an old score and a shock rock star and his groupie to deal with her popping into his hotel room uninvited.

A bed also sets the scene for two burglars to discover they have more in common than the valuables they came for and a strip club owner to squirm while trying to fire a likeable but accident-prone exotic dancer.

And what other device, I wonder, could a clever devil-like playwright Norm Foster possibly come up with to bundle his “Bedtime Stories” together into one final scene; all nice, neat, no loose ends? A bed, of course, but also an uproarious inevitability that yanks you in for the last of the long, laugh out loud time this comedy has to offer.

In performance at the Phoenix with an outstanding cast, you’ve got to ask yourself whether the folks on stage and behind the scenes are having as much trouble as you are to keep from splitting your sides. It is funny.

Kudos all around: to director Rick Wright; to the actors, all of them in a variety of roles: David Bailey, Melanie Calderwood, Austin Gregory, Laura Hanson and Rick Wright.

“Bedtime Stories” is by far Phoenix’s best yet.

Content is suggestive, never explicit, never in bad taste but definitely aimed at adults. Not recommended for under 16.

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Bedtime Stories’

When: Through Sept. 25

Where: Phoenix Theatre, 9673 Firdale Ave., Edmonds

Tickets: $18.50 general admission, $15.50 senior/student/military.