Jonathan Gould, Sam Rosenthal, Jane Spence, Perrie Olthuis, and Patricia Vanstone in the Theatre New Brunswick production of Hilda's Yard. 2012
"Hilda’s Yard is Foster at his best" -- London Free Press
"Hilda’s Yard is a place not just of nonstop laughter but also a place where we get to know ourselves a little better." -- Stage Door
"Every character is so unique and charming that it is hard to pick out a favourite." -- STU Reviews
“Unexpected, hectic, hilarious and wonderful hours that lucky audiences share with this unforgettable family!"-- Morrisburg Leader
"Foster has a gift for naturally comic dialogue" -- Stage Door
"Hilda's Yard is just perfect." -- The StarPhoenix
"Vintage Foster. Clever plotline and great writing." -- Fine Music
"Another Norm Foster must-see." -- Niagara Now
"Hilarious and poignant. A hilarious and uplifting comedy that is sure to keep an audience in stitches." --
"Should not be missed! Five stars out of five!!" -- London Free Press
"Hilda’s Yard asks the audience to do much more than just point and laugh at what they see on stage. It’s like playwright Norm Foster is holding up the middle class, suburban 1950s family cliche to the light, and showing the complexity that actually exists within them." -- Parksville Qualicum Beach News
“A real theatrical gem. A fabulous ensemble cast adds so many layers to the sweet, funny, nostalgic, endearing story.” — Seaway News
"Norm Foster has a gift for comedy but in his work "Hilda's Yard" the Canadian playwright also delves into the complexity of relationships - particularly within families. It's comedy with a message." -- Waterloo Record
"This wonderful comedy (there are many big laughs in this play) grows naturally out of Foster's carefully drawn characters.” — Morrisburg Leader
"Hilda's Yard hits home with laughter, insight and nostalgia to boot." -- Wellington Advertiser
"The dark undertones are mixed into the comedy almost flawlessly." -- STU Reviews
"Hilda's Yard is a funny place to be." -- The StarPhoenix
"Hilda's Yard leaves the audience pleased; maybe feeling a little bit better about the world." -- Wellington Advertiser
"It's very funny and startlingly realistic." -- Waterloo Record
"This production is a pure joy to watch, and leaves you feeling good in the end." -- STU Reviews
"Written by a true master." -- STU Reviews



"The Melville Boys effortlessly weaves the comic and tragic." - Variety

"Foster declines to settle for the obvious, giving us instead, a story that has the uncertainties and the complexity of real life." - London Free Press

"If The Melville Boys is representative of Norm Foster's writing, it would benefit the U.S. stage to import more of his plays." - Los Angeles Daily News

"Engrossing and entertaining. This is certainly a play you're bound to enjoy." - New York Post

"A beautifully written contemporary comedy." - Harrisburg Patriot News

"A truly excellent play. Don't miss it." - Montreal Gazette

"A satisfying comedy about real people." - Ottawa Citizen

"A story with forthright honesty, simplicity, humor, drama, warmth, and a little tragedy." Los Angeles Drama-Logue Keith Thomas & Shannon Lawson in the Canadian Stage production of The Melville Boys. 1986. Photo by Michael Cooper

"The Melville Boys is On Golden Pond and Terms of Endearment mixed." - Winnipeg Free Press

"The Melville Boys succeeds as a play, as a statement, and most assuredly, as entertainment." - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

"Unpredictable and unpretentious. Exceptional." - Toronto Sun

"Smart, funny, energetic, with moments of sentiment and real-life drama. Classic Canadian comedy." - Winchester Press

"Through lighthearted and heart wrenching scenes alike, the impassioned script has the audience emotionally invested in the characters and story from the outset." - Wellington Advertiser

"Funny, yet profoundly emotional." - Stage Door

"It drops you to your knees with laughter with one hand, then quietly breaks your heart with the other." - Stratford Beacon Herald

"The Melville Boys makes you think. It's a play about the rest of your life." - Lancaster Sunday News

"The packed house roared with laughter and were moved to tears in the same play." - Huron Expositor

"If you miss it, it will be your great loss.' - Ottawa Citizen


Brian Young, Kate Veinotte and Jamie Williams in the Upper Canada Playhouse production of The Affections Of May, 2008.

"A charmer for all seasons." Toronto Globe and Mail

"Accomplished, comic, and at times moving. Delightful to watch." - Halifax Chronicle Herald

"So finely crafted with every line, every nuance, with such good reason for being, that one enjoys every second of it." - Westmount Examiner

"The seduction scene over a late night game of scrabble is original and exciting." - Montreal Gazette

"With the play's non-stop humor and earthy characters, it is not just entertaining, but familiar and immensely comfortable." - Saint John Telegraph Journal

"For all the laughs, and (The Affections of May) has plenty of comic moments--there are times for tenderness too." - Hamilton Spectator

"Foster at his best. The combination of wit and candour sparkles." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"Funny, sassy and well-paced with touching moments of reality. The Affections of May is a must-see!" - Seaway News

"Foster knows just when to tickle the funny bone or pull on the heartstrings, and here he does both with equal skill." - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

"Provoked hoots and howls from the crowd, who ate up each line and every movement with gusto." Star Phoenix

"A flawless balance of humour and sentiment." -

"Bitingly funny lines." - Iroquois Chieftan

"The play delivers many serious messages, but you have such fun getting them, it doesn't hurt a bit." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"One of the most appealing, feel-good evenings in a long time." - Hamilton Spectator

"Delightful!" - Burlington Post




Derek Ritschel in the Lighthouse Festival production of Outlaw. 2009


"Witty and thought-provoking. You'll think you know where the plot is going, but prepare for your jaw to fall to the floor in disbelief." - Orangeville Banner

"Outlaw has enough humour to fill a 10-gallon stetson." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"A true, original western."-- Simcoe Reformer

"The witty insightful dialogue keeps this vehicle in motion."-- London Free Press

"The words are a testament to the skill and intelligence of Foster who spins the tale beautifully."-- St. Thomas Times-Journal

"A darn good story that will have audiences on the edge of their seats." - Niagara Pulse Magazine

"Foster is a master of characterization and he succeeds here in spades. " Kitchener Waterloo Record





"Brilliantly written." - Saint John Evening Times Globe

"Now raucous and hilarious, now pin-drop quiet in intensity." - Hamilton Spectator

"A very funny play about real people. Super." - Saint John Telegraph Journal

"Moves swiftly between a sly domestic comedy and a bittersweet modern tragedy ." - Contra Costa Times Timothy Busfield in the B Street Theatre production of The Motor Trade. 1999

"Love, friendship, lies, and betrayal are all revealed in this fantastic two hour show." - Saint John Evening Times Globe

"Raunchy, gritty, funny, uncompromising. It has terrific dialogue, the gut punch of reality, and characters that are right out of our every day experiences."- Fredericton Daily Gleaner

"The Motor Trade and The Affections of May mark a significant contribution to populist Canadian drama." - Canadian Book Review Annual