"Keeps an audience spellbound." -- Orangeville Citizen
"On a First Name Basis is beautifully written and flawlessly performed: Its verbal interplay is the stuff of dryly ironic repartee: The quips come fast and furious, generating frequent laughter among the audience." -- ArtsForum.ca
"Funny and enthralling. A phenomenal script." -- Wellington Advertiser
"A delightful two hours of sparkling conversation that is revealing and heartwarming." -- EU Jacksonville
"Foster's script is one of his best!" -- London Free Press
"Vanstone is brutally honest, hard working and worth every penny. Clear perfection " -- Fort McMurray Today
"Together, Patricia Vanstone and Norm Foster deliver a Seinfeld and Elaine-like timing that only enhances the show’s humour." -- Orangeville Banner
"A love story, a social commentary and a mystery wrapped in witty dialogue and vivid imagery. ‘On a First Name Basis’ is a must-see." -- The Royal Gazette
"Foster's writing is brilliant!" -- Fort McMurray Today
"It is extremely well-written and was superbly acted." -- EU Jacksonville
"The play is laugh-out-loud funny and hold your breath tense in places." -- Orangeville Citizen
"Vanstone’s delivery is flawless. Her performance is impressive and captivating, even for a theatre veteran of her pedigree." -- Wellington Advertiser




"Laugh for laugh, this is the funniest show I've seen on any stage this season." - Detroit Free Press

"Sharp, snappy and irresistibly funny ." - Contra Costa Times

"Funny, sophisticated and sexy." - Hamilton Spectator

"Another fabulous Foster creation." - Gananoque Reporter

"The hilarity never stops" - Kitchener-Waterloo Record

"Entertaining and thought-provoking." - talkinbroadway.com

"One of Foster's funniest. A solid evening of entertainment" - Ashville Citizen-Times

"Outrageously funny. Brilliant writing!" - Rossmore News

"Bright and funny. It's wickedly good ." - Piedmont Post

"A delightful mix of adult humor and classic comic timing." - The View

"Laughs galore!" - Kingston Whig Standard

David Nairn in the Theatre Orangeville production of The Love List. 2005
  "Crackles with humanity and hilarity." - Kitchener-Waterloo Record
"Comedy provides laughs and lessons. A treat." - Gananoque Reporter   "If you want to laugh yourself silly, The Love List is for you." - Hamilton Spectator
"Sharp, snappy writing. A penetrating script." - Orangeville Banner   "Compelling and intriguing." - Hendersonville Times-News
"The best script he's delivered to date." - Contra Costa Times   "Flawless." -- Halifax Chronicle-Herald
"The audience laughs cries and cheers as the characters navigate their way through the labyrinths of love, disillusionment and new understanding." -- Lake Erie Beacon   "The plot simply gets funnier and funnier. An absolutely delightful evening of adult theatre." -- The Morrisburg Leader
"A funny and enjoyable evening of theatre." -- TheatreIsEasy   "The audience was lifted to new heights of humour." -- Prince George Free Press
"A giant firecracker of a comedy." -- Prince George Free Press   "Hugely entertaining. A thoroughly enjoyable play." -- TheatreIsEasy
"A winning, laugh-loaded hit!" -- Humbolt Beacon   "Sparkling! Paralysingly funny." -- Halifax Daily News
"A deliciously creative script. Awesome!" -- The View Magazine   "Hilarious and completely satisfying!" -- The View Magazine
"Leaves the audience breathless and delighted." -- Reviewvancouver   "Very funny. Four stars!" -- GayVancouver.net
"Deleriously witty. Brilliant writing." -- Hollywood Theatre Examiner   "Had the audience howling with laughter from start to unpredictable finish." - Kitchener-Waterloo Record
"Side-splittingly funny!" -- LASplash "Entertainment at its best." -- LifeinLA
"A wildly innovative, unpredicable plot. You'll hear one of the best, funniest, most shocking and memorable curtain lines ever written." -- Humbolt Beacon   "Along with the exceedingly witty dialogue, sharp one liners, and repartee, Foster gives us some insights in to what makes for a good romantic relationship as well as a good friendship." -- Hollywood Theatre Examiner

Derek Ritschel and Melodee Finlay in the Lighthouse Festival production of Bedtime Stories. 2007


"I don't think I've ever heard an audience laugh so openly and emphatically." - Orangeville Banner

"Brilliant writing. Comedic genius." -- London Free Press

"Foster has done an incredible job of weaving a disparate group of people into a whole cloth of hilarity." -- Wellington Advertiser

"A clever piece of multi-layered writing by Foster." -- Brantford Espositor

"A winner. Foster gives us a whole host of comic characters out there on the edge." -- Hamilton Spectator

"A first rate, heart-warming, adult contemporary comedy that I already want to see again." -- Simcoe Reformer

"You will leave gasping from laughing ." - The View Magazine

"Takes the audience on an exploration of love which leaves them involved, surprised, a little touched and judging by the howling reactions of the opening night crowd, quite helpless with laughter. A tour de force." -- Morrisburg Leader

"Five stars!" -- London Free Press

"Foster examines love, hatred, boredom, cruelty, desperation, compassion and all the human elements that go with those - and he does it with style, humanity and a lot of humour." -- Wellington Advertiser

"Sexy and wildly funny." - Orangeville Banner

"Very funny and cleverly woven tale. A definite must see!"-- Iroquois Chieftain

"Foster has done it again. It's not surprising Playhouse audiences have flocked to see Foster's shows every season." -- Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

"You'll laugh yourself silly." -- Hamilton Spectator

"Had the audience in stitches!" -- Brantford Expositor.

"The funniest offering yet by the much lauded Canadian playwright." -- Simcoe Reformer

"Take lots of tissues to wipe away the tears of laughter." -- Port Dover Maple Leaf



"Very funny! Perfect theatrical summer fare." -Toronto Globe and Mail

"Foster has a keenly observant eye for life's embarrassing moments and the comedy in them." -- Saint John Telegraph Journal

"Simple, gentle, likeable, engaging. Wrong For Each Other has plenty going for it that's right." --Hamilton Spectator

"Downright delightful. This is one playwright who has got people pegged." - St. Thomas Times Journal

"Foster's deceptively simple comedy echoes with a haunting resonance long after the laughter has faded away." --Montreal Suburban

Rebecca Wink & Nicholas Smith in the TheatreWorks production of Wrong For Each Other

"Positively sparkles with wit, and entertains from start to finish."--North Shore Times, Australia

"These are characters with whom we can all identify. All's right with 'Wrong For Each Other'!" -- London Free Press

"A warmly witty love story. This is enjoyable, classy theatre!" --Montreal Gazette

"An exceptional romantic comedy is a rare delight, and that is exactly what 'Wrong For Each Other' turns out to be." - Palo Alto Weekly

"Had the audience laughing, guffawing and clapping. This is a perfect show for a first date." - Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal

"Filled with wit, whim and conflict. No dull moments exist." - Thunder Bay Post

"Foster has a quirky touch with dialogue that gives the play a grounding idiosyncracy. " - New York Times

"A delightful, and at times, tragic story. A must-see." - Theatre-Express

"Foster's dialogue is clever and natural, and he certainly seems to know a thing or two about relationships." - Richmond News

"Stylish. First rate." - London Free Press

"The quips and one-liners are a major part of Foster’s charm, but he gives the play some depth as well."-- Sacramento Bee

"Masterfully crafted!" - Fredericton Daily Gleaner


"Jupiter In July is a meteoric effort by Foster whose wit and style will delight audiences." - Stage Door

"An illuminating journey." - St. Thomas Times-Journal

"A charming, sometimes painfully realistic story of many twists and turns." - Halifax Chronicle Herald

"As gentle as flowers blooming in a garden." - London Free Press

"Jupiter In July ranks right up there with the best of Canadian Playwright Norm Foster." - Brantford Expositor

"Filled with sophisticated comedy and tasteful attention to moral details." - Stage Door

"Jupiter In July takes three people and makes them heartbreakingly real." - Halifax Daily News

"It's great entertainment with an edge. People will recognize themselves and others" - Halifax Chronicle Herald

"A well-written play with a quiet, gentle approach to it's subject." Dundas Review

"The action never lags, and Foster's keen sense of humor tickles the funny bone at the most unexpected moments." - St. Thomas Times-Journal

"Reaffirms our faith in Foster's talent and his position as Canada's preeminent comic playwright." -Stage Door

"A gentle, humorous look at an often-experienced human dilemma." - Brantford Expositor

"Confirms Norm Foster's mastery of the light comedy form." - Halifax Daily News