Sharon Heldt, Melanie Janzen, Leah Oster and Jane Spence in The Ladies Foursome. Upper Canada Playhouse. 2014
"When Foster is on form, as he is here, there's not much better theatre around." -- Hamilton Spectator
"The Ladies Foursome is a fun-filled, fast-paced, thoroughly joyful celebration of the special bonds of friendship which link together four utterly unique women." -- The Morrisburg Leader
"The show is definitely worth the price of admission." --
"A delightful play that will have audiences laughing heartily and perhaps fighting back a tear or two as well." -- The Davis Enterprise
"Between the laughs, The Ladies Foursome has a deeper message about the nature of friendship and questions how much we truly know someone." -- The
"A play filled with belly laughs while exploring the meaning of friendship." -- London Free Press
"You’ll laugh and be touched as four vital, humorous and often hurting women search for meaning and purpose in their lives." --
"A smart, fun-filled look at friendship and the links that tie women together." -- Portland Press Herald
"The laughs aren't just laughs. They're big laughs that continue tickling the funny bone, erupting from the throat, shaking the shoulders, long after they're lobbed home." -- Hamilton Spectator
"A delightful stroll on the links." -- Long Beach Press-Telegram
"The Ladies Foursome is of superb words in their most beautiful order, serving the audience measures of heartbreak, regret, humour, and love." -- The Orangeville Banner
"The witty dialogue in this show is rapid-fire and right on target." -- Encore Sun Journal
"Foster is able to pen such remarkable dialogue for women without sounding stilted or awkward." -- Regina Leader Post
"The Ladies Foursome keeps the laughs coming at break-neck pace." -- London Free Press
"Phenomenal. It is downright hilarious." -- The Wellington Advertiser
"Foster knows how to write both funny and poignant and in this production, he is at his playwriting best." -- The
"The Ladies Foursome is an hilarious, touching, wonderful play about four pretty wonderful women." -- The Morrisburg Leader
"Canadian playwright Norm Foster is a sure bet." -- L.A. Daily Breeze
"The Ladies Foursome is a very funny, heartwarming show that should not be missed." -- London Free Press
"Foster builds his smoothly flowing laugh machine, and still, he's able to grasp an emotionally viable resolution." -- Sacramento Bee
"The sassy play delivers a winning combination of sidesplitting laughs and touching moments." -- Portland Press Herald
"A show that remains winsome and buoyant in the face of weighty, potentially melodramatic themes, weaving from heartache to humor while creating a quartet of memorable and unpredictable characters." -- Spokane Spokesman-Review
"Foster is so in touch with the laughter and joy of life that his play blindsides you with outrageous humour and downright stirring affection." -- Hamilton Spectator
"This is a fast-paced play that commands your attention and compels you to examine your own life as the story unfolds." -- London Free Press
"Although the play has plenty of great laughs and one-liners, there’s a dark undercurrent that runs throughout and elevates “The Ladies Foursome” into a memorable theatrical experience." -- The Forecaster
"This play is stuffed full of laughs." -- Regina Leader Post
"From the opening tee off to the touching events at the final hole, audiences enjoy some of the funniest, most outrageous, and deeply involving “golf” exchanges in the history of the game." -- The Morrisburg Leader
"The Ladies Foursome is aces! Very funny." -- The Davis Enterprise
"Delightful, effective and charming." -- L.A. Daily Breeze
"Without breaking the fourth wall, the playwright engages the spectators such that they think about their own lives in relation to the play." -- The Orangeville Banner
"Alternating hilarity with mystery, Foster has crafted a powerful story with memorable characters." -- The Forecaster
"The Ladies Foursome splits sides with laughter in one moment and tugs at heartstrings the next." -- The Wellington Advertiser
"The Ladies Foursome drives home the celebration of friendship." -- Regina Leader Post
"There are a lot of great moments, one of the more memorable a soliloquy delivered by Connie as she steps up to the 18th tee." -- London Free Press
"These four unforgettable women can make us roar with laughter one moment, then heave a sigh of understanding the next." -- The Morrisburg Leader
"Connie's 18th hole rallying cry of a speech was one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time." --
"Foster efficiently pars each hole with his veteran savvy." -- Sacramento Bee
"Hilarious, confrontational, opinionated, fascinating, these four friends take life apart, then find a way to put it all back together again. The Ladies Foursome is a celebration of the oh-too-real joys, and pitfalls, of friendship." -- The Morrisburg Leader



Mairi Babb, Melanie Janzen and Adrian Shepherd in the Theatre Orangeville production of Screwball Comedy. 2018
"Foster captures the snappy poetical style of dialogue perfectly and is unafraid to push it into parody" -- Stage Door
"Foster is a skilled crowd-pleaser whose bada-bing, bada-bang one-liners elicit plenty of laughs." - LA Times
"This comedy will keep you laughing at the silliness of it all from start to finish." - Broadway World
"One of the funniest comedies of the year." - Southern California Guide
"Screwball Comedy is a pitch-perfect recreation of a bygone genre." - Stage Door
"This delicious production definitely delivers the goods." - Stage Raw
"Author Foster has done a bang-up job of replicating a 1930's/40's screwball comedy in the twenty-first century." Splash Magazine
"Lights up the stage and captivates the audience from start to finish." -
"A gem that more than does justice to the genre whose name it bears." - Stage Scene L.A.
"Slapstick alternates with verbal zingers. And a fun time is had by all. Get ready to laugh up a storm when you see SCREWBALL COMEDY." - Splash Magazine
"Screwball Comedy is Foster at his screwball best!" - Stage Scene L.A.
"This is one of the funniest productions I've seen in a long time." At The Theatre with Audrey Linden.
"Laughs galore!" - People's World


"The Last Resort is an inspired night of carefully calculated lunacy." - Hamilton Spectator

"The funniest, best-written, best-performed Canadian musical comedy I have ever seen." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"A quick, clever, cerebral, yet down-to-earth romp. Great entertainment!" - Hamilton News

"Hilariously entertaining. Bravo!" - ONTV

"The laughter lasted from the first to the final note." - Wellington Advertiser

  "Hilarious! The pairing of Leslie Arden and Norm Foster is a felicitous one. Her astringent wit and delirious sophistication balance brilliantly against Foster's proclivity for outrageous one-liners." - Hamilton Spectator

  "It delivers laughs approaching the speed of light." - Wellington Advertiser

"Foster and Arden's madcap work is truly delightful." - Richmond Hill Banner

"A thoroughly enjoyable combination of music, comedy and mystery." -- The Regina Leader-Post

"Solid, funny entertainment with great songs." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"Foster's one-liners come so fast and furious, it's sometimes hard to keep up." - Hamilton News

"The characters are interesting, the plot of the whodunit isn’t obvious and the comedy is of the highest quality. " -- The Regina Leader-Post

"Leslie Arden’s work was magical, with lyrics that are smart, witty and amusing. " -- The Regina Leader-Post




"Funny, pointed and exquisitely crafted." - Halifax Daily News

"A seamless family drama." - Toronto Star

"Warm, funny and heartfelt." - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

"Perfect! The audience laughs itself silly." - Montreal Gazette

"A comedy with sharp wit." - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Jessa Brie Berkner and Julianne Somers in the B St. Theatre production of Drinking Alone. 2001. Photo by Jason Carpenter.   "Drinking Alone is funny, at times uproariously so, but it's also very serious in the way it deals with alcoholism and it's effects." - Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"Funny...touching...entertaining. Another success for Foster." - Saint John Telegraph Journal

"Thought provoking and emotionally stirring. Foster knows all of the right buttons to push." - Halifax Chronicle Herald

It's nice to see a play that's not afraid to be both emotionally complex and funny." - Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"A fast-paced comedy of contemporary manners that neatly balances lighter and darker shades." - Halifax Daily News

A tasty mix of humour and pathos. Thought-provoking and funny." - Brantford Expositor

"Elicits howling laughter from the audience." - Kitchener-Waterloo Record





"Dear Santa will definitely lift your spirits" --Halifax Chronicle Herald

"An excellent show for the whole family. Dear Santa is sure to become a Christmas classic."- Hendersonville Times News

"Entertaining fun for the whole family. A sure-fire hit!" --Kitchener-Waterloo Record

"A real holiday treat!"-Asheville Citizen Times

"Hysterically funny and yet endearing." -- Tacoma News Tribune

"A warm, goofy, loveable Christmas show. " --Halifax Chronicle Herald

Emily Mackel & Ralph Redpath in the Flat Rock Playhouse production of Dear Santa, 2003. Photo Ewart Ball  

"A show that should please everyone in the family - a delightful way to usher in the Christmas season." - Asheville Citizen Times

"Delights with gentle charm. Perfect for the holiday season." --Houston Press

"Rich in broad comedy and rapid-fire wordplay." -- Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Destined to become a classic!" -- Tacoma News Tribune

"Gently humorous. Fun for the entire family." --Fredericton Daily Gleaner

"A funny and unique cast of characters." -- InsideToronto