Mickey Welton is appearing on Jeopardy tonight and his hometown of Rainbow, New Brunswick---population nine thousand---has come to a standstill as broadcast time approaches. Meanwhile, across town, Rainbow high school teacher Bonnie Hoyt has been found murdered in her home. Are these two divergent events connected somehow? It is up to the only two remaining police officers in town to solve the crime.

Watching Jeopardy is a murder mystery reminiscent of 'Fargo', overflowing with quirky characters and dark humour.

From the pen of Canada's leading comic playwright comes a novel with enough twists and turns to keep the reader riveted until the final word. A must-read.




Playwrights Canada Press
Playwrights Canada Press
Playwrights Canada Press



Vintage Foster

Playwrights Canada Press

"Norm Foster is unquestionably one of Canada's national treasures." - Montreal Suburban


The Foursome

Playwrights Canada Press

The Foursome is one of the most oft-produced plays in the history of Canadian theatre. It is the story of four old college chums, home for their fifteen year reunion, who hook up for a round of golf and share their successes and failures. A warm, funny play which takes place entirely on the eighteen tees of a golf course.  



Playwrights Canada Press

The play takes place the week before Christmas, as struggling egg farmer/artist, Ethan Claymore meets a woman who could turn his life around, and receives a visit from his estranged, and recently-deceased, older brother.  


The Melville Boys

Playwrights Canada Press

Cover: Robert King

Owen and Lee Melville arrive at a lakeside cabin for a weekend of fishing, but their plans are thrown out of whack by the arrival of two sisters who become catalysts for a tenderly funny and unsentimental look at four lives in transition. A Canadian classic!



Opening Night

Playwrights Canada Press

Cover: John Dolan & Laurel Thomson

The antics begin as Jack and Ruth Tisdale celebrate their 25'th wedding anniversary with an evening at the theatre. It's a dream come true for Ruth and an imposition for Jack who would rather be at home watching the seventh game of the World Series.



The Motor Trade &

The Affections of May

Playwrights Canada Press

Cover: Catherine Barroll & Ron Gabriel

"The Motor Trade and The Affections of May mark a significant contribution to populist Canadian drama." - Canadian Book Review Annual



Wrong For Each Other

Playwrights Canada Press

Cover: Ellen Maguire & Ric Reid

A chance meeting in a restaurant after four years apart, sends a divorced couple flashing back through the highs and lows of their relationship in this charming two-hander.




Office Hours

Playwrights Canada Press

On a Friday afternoon in six different offices in a big city, we follow six different stories which are somehow related. It's a wild ride with an ending that sends the audience into a collective howl.




small time

Scirocco Drama

Cover: Stephen Guy-McGrath & Patricia Yeatman

Lounge singer Scott Sherman has a gambling problem and it is about to cost him his nightclub unless he and his keyboard player, Marty Birch, break somebody's legs. Holds audiences spellbound as the story involving sex, violence and romance unfolds.



Playwrights Canada Press

Norm Foster's first professionally produced play from the year 1983. A black farce about a furniture store owner who is found in the arms of a local minister's wife. The situation becomes complicated when he is mistaken for the minister and attempts to flee the scene.  


Louis and Dave

Instant Applause (Anthology)

Blizzard Publishing

The Pitch & The Visit

Instant Applause II (Anthology)

Blizzard Publishing