"Touches the heart in the right places." - The Toronto Globe and Mail

Michelle Fisk as Mary in the Canadian Stage production of The Melville Boys. 1986. Photo by Michael Cooper.


In the following scene, married man Lee Melville, and Mary, a woman he met earlier in the day, have just returned from a dance at the local Legion Hall and are discussing Mary's husband who left her two years earlier.

LEE: So, do you have any idea where he is?
MARY: Who?
LEE: Your husband.
MARY: Oh. Uh, well, he's probably down south somewhere. He always said he wanted to move south. I would've moved with him, but he never asked.
LEE: Well, if you don't mind my saying so, this guy sounds like a jerk.
MARY: Yeah, I thought so too at the time.
LEE: And what about now?
MARY: Now? Now I wish he'd come back.
LEE: Come back? You wouldn't take him back?
MARY: Sure. Why not?
LEE: After all this time? After the way he left?
MARY: I miss him. I guess I still love him.
LEE: The man took your car! He didn't tell you he was leaving. He didn't even have the decency to tell you why!
MARY: I think he felt trapped.
LEE: Oh, come on. That's the oldest excuse in the world. Everybody feels trapped. Don't you think I feel trapped once in a while?
MARY: How should I know? I met you this morning.
LEE: Well, I do. A lot of the time.
MARY: So, why don't you leave?
LEE: We're not talking about me. We're talking about your husband. I can't believe you'd take him back. Is this what you've been doing for the past two years? Sitting around waiting for this clown to come home with your car?
MARY: You know, you're taking this harder than I did.
LEE: He's probably sold the car. You realize that. I mean, as far as he's concerned, it's party time. And that's what you should be thinking too. You should forget him. Find somebody else. Start dating.
MARY: Who says I haven't been dating?
LEE: Not if you've been waiting around for him, you haven't been.
MARY: Well, what about tonight?
LEE: What about tonight?
MARY: Isn't this a date?
LEE: (Getting nervous) What...this? You mean, you and me? No, this is not a date.
MARY: Well, what is it then?
LEE: Uh...well..it's more like a car pool.
MARY: A car pool?!
Copyright 1984 Norm Foster