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The Love List and Looking must be purchased through Samuel French Inc.

For scripts and Canadian and American rights call (212) 206-8990, or fax (212) 206-1429, or send an email through the website,

In the U.K. call 011 44 207 387 9373, or fax 011 44 207 387 2161 (both numbers can be dialed exactly as shown), or send an email through the website,

To request free electronic versions of the following titles, E-mail:
The Affections Of May
The Melville Boys
Bedtime Stories
Mending Fences
Bob's Your Elf
The Motor Trade
Dear Santa
Mrs. Parliament's Night Out
The Death Of Me My Narrator
Drinking Alone
Office Hours
Ethan Claymore
Old Love
The Foursome (15 year reunion version)
On A First Name Basis
The Foursome (25 year reunion version)
One Moment (without musical score)
The Gentleman Clothier
Opening Night
Here On The Flight Path
Hilda's Yard
Race Day (without musical score)
Jasper Station (without musical score)
Sadie Flynn Comes To Big Oak
Jenny's House Of Joy
Jupiter In July
Kiss The Moon, Kiss The Sun
Sitting Pretty (without musical score)
The Ladies Foursome Skin Flick
The Last Resort (without musical score)
Small Time
The Long Weekend
Storm Warning
Maggie's Getting Married Wrong For Each Other
  And now available:
  Halfway There
  Screwball Comedy