When John bargains with the Angel of Death for a second chance at life, he quickly discovers that fixing the mistakes of your past is difficult, especially when there are all sorts of new mistakes to be made.

In the following scene, John is in a meeting with the Angel Of Death, and receives some bad news. He's dead.


Roxanne, you can send him in now please.

(The Angel opens the folder and looks at it. John Adderly enters.)

Hi. Come right in. Have a seat. (John sits.) So, how are we today?

John: Well, I'm…I'm a bit confused.
Angel: Oh? And why's that?
John: Well, your receptionist said…she said I'm dead.
Angel: Oh, no. She told you that?
John: Yes.
Angel: I'm sorry. That was a mistake. She shouldn't have said that.
John: You mean I'm not dead?
Angel: Oh, no, you're dead alright. It's just that I like to break that news to folks myself. It comes under the heading of 'perks'.
John: So, I'm dead?
Angel: Deader than a raccoon at Davey Crockett's house.
John: I died?
Angel: Yessiree. About forty-five minutes ago. You don't remember?
John: Well, yes I do, but I was hoping it might have been a dream.
Angel: Sorry.
John: You were there, weren't you?
Angel: Well, being the Angel of Death, I'm required to be there, yes.
John: My God. Dead. Boy, I didn't see that comin'.
Angel: I know. I could tell by the look on your face.
John: You probably see that a lot though, huh?
Angel: Yeah, but it never gets old.
John: It hurt you know.
Angel: Yeah. Again, I could tell by the look on your face.
John: Shouldn't you be a little more compassionate? I mean, being an angel and all.
Angel: Of death. Angel of death. I know it's merely semantics to the layperson but I'm a lot different from the other angels.

Probably like Rudolph and the other reindeer, right?

(The angel stares at John for a moment.)

Angel: Okay, here's what happens now..
John: Wait, wait. Are you sure it was me who was supposed to die? Maybe you made a mistake.
Angel: No, I don't think so. I've got it written down right here.

John Adderly. Is that the name?

(The angel looks at the folder.)

Angel: That's it.
John: Two d's?
Angel: Two d's.
John: L-y. Not L-e-y.
Angel: Believe me, when we're about to take somebody, the spelling is the first thing we check.
copyright 2007 Norm Foster