"Theatre doesn't get much better than this."-- Niagara Pulse

Derek Ritschel, Norm Foster & Heather Hodgson in the Theatre In Port production of Mending Fences. 2006


Harry Sullivan hasn't seen his son, Drew, in thirteen years. Then one day Drew announces that he's coming to visit Harry at Harry's rundown Saskatchewan ranch. Mending Fences is the story of their past, their present, and possibly their future relationship.

In the following scene, Harry arrives at the train station to meet his son, Drew. Drew is asleep on his duffle bag.

Harry: Drew?
Drew: (Waking up.) Yeah?
Harry: Hi.
Drew: Hi.
Harry: How ya' doin'?
Drew: Okay.
Harry: You been waitin' long?
Drew: Bout' an hour.
Harry: Oh, that's not too bad. I woulda been here sooner but I fell asleep.
Drew: Oh. Well, that's okay. No need to rush out here on my account.
Harry: Why ya' waitin' outside? It's cold out here.
Drew: Because the place is closed up.
Harry: It is? Lester's not around?
Drew: Who's Lester?
Harry: The fella who runs the station.
Drew: No, he had to leave. He said his wife was expecting him home.
Harry: Oh, right. Katherine. You wanna give her a wide berth. So, how was the trip?
Drew: It was thirty-two hours.
Harry: I didn't ask you how long it was. I asked you how it was.
Drew: It was thirty-two hours.
Harry: Uh-huh. (Looking at the duffle bag.) Is that all ya' got?
Drew: That's it..
Harry: I take it you're not stayin' long then.
Drew: Don't know.
Harry: What's in there? I know it can't be hockey equipment.
Drew: My clothes.
Harry: In there?
Drew: Yeah.
Harry: Don't they carry suitcases in the city?
Drew: I'm sure they do. I carry a duffle bag.
Harry: Hmm. All right, let's go then. I left the truck runnin' so it'd stay warm inside.
Drew: That's it?
Harry: What?
Drew: That's how you greet me?
Harry: What was wrong with it?
Drew: Well, there wasn't much to it.
Harry: I said how you doin' didn't I?
Drew: How you doin? I'm your son. You haven't seen me in thirteen years.
Harry: Well, I asked you how the trip was too.
Drew: And is that the best you can do?
Harry: Uh…Yeah, I think it is.
Drew: Oh.
Harry: I'm sorry but I'm still a bit groggy. And it's damned cold out here.
Drew: Well, groggy or not, it would be nice if you had a little more to say to me.
Harry: All right.
Drew: I mean anything.
Harry: All right!
Drew: God.
Harry: Jesus.
Drew: Damn.
Harry: .....You look good.
Drew: Thanks. You look good too.
Harry: Thank you.
Drew: Actually you look old.
Harry: I am old. I'll be sixty next month. And I'm feelin' every day of it. How old are you now?
Drew: You don't know how old I am?
Harry: Well, I could sit down and figure it out if I was in a warm place and had a pad and pencil.
Drew: I'm twenty-nine.
Harry: Yeah, I knew you were in that range somewhere.
Drew: I just had a birthday.
Harry: Uh-huh.
Drew: Not that long ago.
Harry: The fifteenth, I know. Are you finished testing me now?
Drew: Not nearly.
Harry: .....So, are ya' healthy.
Drew: Yeah.

Ya' got a job?

Drew: Not right now.
Harry: Do you do drugs?
Drew: No.
Harry: Good. Can we go now?
Drew: Yeah.
Harry: The truck's over here.
Drew: Have you been drinking?
Harry: What?
Drew: I smell beer. Have you been drinking?
Harry: Yeah, I had about six.
Drew: Should you be driving?
Harry: Probably not. (Harry exits.)
Drew: (To himself.) Yeah, nice to see you too.
(Drew exits.)
copyright 2006 Norm Foster