"The perfect marriage of script and song."-- Orangeville Banner

Shawn Wright and Lisa Horner in the Theatre Orangeville production of One Moment. 2007


One Moment is a funny and touching musical about six employees at a call center who take calls for a series of self-help DVD's entitled, One Moment.

In the following scene, Danielle meets her new boss for the first time.

Gail: What can I do for you? (Danny doesn't answer.).........Hey! Bambi!
Danny: Oh! Are you talking to me?
Gail: Of course I am. Who are you? What do you want? Why are you in my life at this moment?
Danny: Oh, well, I'm the new person. I'm starting work here today.
Gail: Oh, yes, right. We've been expecting you.
Danny: I'm Danielle.
Gail: Right.
Danny: But everyone calls me Danny.
Gail: Danny. That's adorable.
Danny: Thank you.
Gail: And another facetious comment is wasted. All right, what do you know about the place? Anything?
Danny: Nothing.
Gail: Wonderful. Spectacular. Well, I'm Gail. I'm the boss.
Danny: Hi Gail. (She holds out her hand to shake Gail's hand.)
Gail: (Looking at Danny's hand.) What is that?
Danny: What's what?
Gail: That. Your hand. What are you doing?
Danny: Introducing myself by shaking your hand.
Gail: No. We don't do that here. Put it away. This is a place of business. It's not pot luck night at the rec centre. Now, we are here to field orders for the One Moment Seminars. Do you know what they are?
Danny: No, I don't.
Gail: Nobody told you about this job?
Danny: No, I got it through a placement service.
Gail: And they told you nothing?
Danny: Nothing.
Gail: Well, that's excellent because I have been searching high and low for a good reason to pull my hair out in clumps, and now, here you are.
copyright 2007 Norm Foster