"A masterpiece!" - Orangeville Citizen

Darren Chapel and Joanna Williams in the Langley Players production of Kiss The Moon, Kiss The Sun. 2004

Kiss the Moon, Kiss The Sun is the moving story of a friendship between Robert, a mentally challenged man, and Holly, a pregnant young woman. In the following scene, Robert and Holly meet for the first time at a bus stop.
(Holly enters and sits on the bench. She has been crying.)
ROBERT: If you're taking the University Avenue bus, you just missed it. I missed it too. I should have been here on time but I'm not as fast as I used to be. Or maybe I took too long watching the dogs in Mr. Webster's Pet Store window.
  (Holly dabs her eyes and nose with a tissue. Robert watches her for a moment.)
  Don't cry. They run every ten minutes. (Beat.) Do you know Mr. Webster's Pet Store? It's about three blocks that way. Sometimes on my way home after work, I'll stop in and he lets me walk one of the dogs because they need the exercise. (Beat.) I'm Robert. (Beat.) What's your name?
HOLLY: Holly.
ROBERT Holly. Are you any relation to Buddy Holly?

You're kidding, right?

ROBERT: No. My Mom has an album of Buddy Holly's. He's kind of a funny looking guy but I like a couple of his songs.
HOLLY: Holly is my first name. Holly Fitch.
ROBERT: Oh, so you're not related.
ROBERT: That'll be the day.
HOLLY: What?
ROBERT: That'll Be The Day. That's one of the Buddy Holly songs I like. I've never seen you here before. Are you going to work?
ROBERT: Me too. Where do you work?
HOLLY: Sports Universe.
ROBERT How long have you worked there?
HOLLY: It's my first day. You know, I'm sorry, but I'm really not in the mood for conversation right now.
ROBERT: Oh, okay. (Beat.) I've never been to Sports Universe. What's it like there? Is it big? I mean, the universe is huge so a sports universe must be really big.
HOLLY: Excuse me? I said I don't feel like talking right now. Do you understand?
ROBERT: Maybe baby.
HOLLY: What?
ROBERT: That's the other Buddy Holly song I like. I work at Copycats. We makes copies of things for people. Letters, flyers, pictures. I don't actually do the copying though. Tom and Anthony do the copying because they're better with the machines. I do all the paperwork. That's why I've never seen you here before.
ROBERT: Because it's your first day.
HOLLY: Oh, right.
ROBERT: You see that billboard up there? (He points up.) Before they put that furniture ad up there, there was an ad for women's underwear. The woman wearing it had blond hair. She was pretty.
HOLLY: Yeah, well, they don't often put us homely girls up on billboards.
ROBERT: No, they sure don't. So, what do you do at your work?
HOLLY: Well, it's my first day so I'll probably be the company fuck-up.
ROBERT: What's that?
HOLLY: What?
ROBERT: What you just said. What's that?
HOLLY: Well, you know? Someone who can't do anything right. Someone who messes things up all the time. A loser.
HOLLY: I guess I'll be selling stuff.
ROBERT: Selling what?
HOLLY: Well, it is a sports store, so chances are it'll be sports related.
ROBERT: Oh. Like baseball gloves?
ROBERT: Hockey sticks?
ROBERT: Basketballs!
HOLLY: You're not going to go through the entire inventory, are you?
ROBERT: What does that mean?
HOLLY: What, inventory?
HOLLY: You want to know what inventory is?
HOLLY: Well, it...it's everything that a store sells.
ROBERT: Oh. Like tennis racquets?
ROBERT: Golf clubs?
ROBERT: Footballs!
HOLLY: Yes. You mean you don't know what inventory is?
ROBERT: I do now.
HOLLY: But, you said you did all the paperwork at this copy place.
ROBERT: I sure do. I load the paper in when the machines run out, and I stack the paper in the storeroom when the truck delivers it.

© 2001 Norm Foster


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