Charming tale of 'Old Love' at Tipping Point
April 16, 2014

By Robert Delaney

Thomas D. Mahard and Ruth Crawford in 'Old Love' at Tipping Point Theatre. / Howard and Charlotte Meyer

An older man's long-smoldering love bursts into flame when he learns the object of his affection is newly widowed in Norm Foster's "Old Love," the latest production at the Tipping Point Theatre in Northville.

For some 20 years, Foster has been Canada's most-produced playwright, and Tipping Point Theatre had a previous success with his "The Love List." This delightful production of "Old Love" is certain to be another audience favorite.

Director Lynn Lammers has worked with two outstandingly professional actors to bring this charming play to Detroit-area playgoers. Bud (Thomas D. Mahard) has had a 25-year crush on Molly (Ruth Crawford), unbeknownst to her, until he shows up at her husband's funeral. Not surprisingly, that turns out to be a bad time to start wooing a recent widow, but Bud is persistent. Molly eventually agrees to meet him for coffee, but is resistant to any idea of romance.

The course of Bud's courtship of Molly is told with many a flashback to their first brief interactions of 25 years ago and to scenes in their previous marriages. In some of those, Mahard plays Molly's late husband or Crawford plays Bud's long-divorced wife, effectively carrying off the change of character primarily just by a change in manner and personality, perhaps aided by some little change in costume.

Mahard and Crawford are such accomplished professionals that they are a sheer joy to watch. They truly convince us that it is never too late for love, just as they did in their previous pairing several seasons ago in Tipping Point's production of "Southern Comfort."

Kudos, too, to Daniel C. Walker for his versatile set design, and to costume designer Shelby Newport.

SHOW DETAILS: "Old Love" continues through May 4 at the Tipping Point Theatre, 361 East Cady Street, Northville, with performances at 8 p.m., Thursdays through Saturdays, plus matinees at 3 p.m., Saturdays, and 2 p.m., Sundays. For ticket information, call 248-347-0003 or go to