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Three Kisses For Old Love
By Cindy Pichette

Jerry Franken and Brenda Bazinet in Old Love at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre in Port Dover

If you love love, you will love Old Love and if you love to laugh, all the better. Playwright Norm Foster's world premiere of Old Love opened to a full house and finished the evening with a standing ovation at the Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover.

The story spans three decades and half a dozen meetings between Bud, a salesman, and Molly, his boss's wife. One of them is smitten from the very first meeting - the other, let's just say - less so. The story is straight-forward, easy to follow and funny, often very funny. Canada's preeminent comic playwright Norm Foster has written a clever and witty dialogue celebrating the pursuit of love, the kind of love that 'makes you breathe just a little bit faster.' Charmingly written, with just a few curse words for effect, Foster's use of one liner's serve the script well and has the audience smiling chuckling and laughing throughout the entire play.

Jerry Franken skillfully moves from portraying the main character of Bud into the roles of his Boss and his Boss's son with the ease and charisma. Without so much as a costume change and often without even leaving the stage, Franken switches characters so fluently the audience never loses sight of the character he's portraying at the moment he's portraying him. But it is his role as Bud that keeps us entertained. His acting seems effortless and his time, body language and facial expressions captivate us even the odd time he stumbles over a syllable.

Brenda Bazinet is as equally wonderful in her portrayal of Bud's less than perfect wife Kitty, as she is as Molly, the boss's tolerant and forgiving spouse. As Molly, Bazinet's outbursts of temper, quiet charm and quick wit create a very lively and likeable character. her enthusiasm and energy never wane throughout the performance.

Chris McHarge, the director, has his audience truly believing they see what Molly and Bud see as the couple gaze off stage to some nebulous point above the balcony.

The lighting keeps the audience focused and Eileen Earnshaw-Borghesan's set design is simple and effective, allowing the actors to use the entire stage effectively.

Old Love presents us with some of life's difficult questions. How soon do you date after divorce? Do you stay married even through infidelity? Can you find love at any age? Old Love leaves us with a few answers, but you will have to go yourself to find them, my lips are sealed.

Old Love is playing at The Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover now through June 11, 2008. (519) 583-2221 or on-line at www.lighthousetheatre.com