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Old Love.....Feel it at Lighthouse Festival
Norm Foster play makes world premiere
By Denise Lemire

Brenda Bazinet and Jerry Franken in Old Love at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre in Port Dover

I received an email from my editor the other day who informed me of Port Dover's Lighthouse Theatre's latest hit, the world premiere of "Old Love" by Norm Foster, directed by Chris McHarge. Being such a fan of Mr. Foster's work, I jumped at the opportunity to see the show.

Mr. Foster was in attendance on opening night last week. I wish I had the great fortune to finally meet the man who innately touches everyone's heart with every word he pens.

The cast consisted of two actors playing the roles of the four main characters. Jerry Franken played the roles of Bud Mitchell and Arthur Graham. Brenda Bazinet played the roles of their respective wives, Kitty and Molly. The transitions these two actors made when they exited and re-entered as their other character were wonderful as they transported us between each scenario and that was without a single costume change. So expertly done and subtle the nuances differentiating the characters one from the other made the changes of "scenes" so enjoyable.

The plays name "Old Love" is, as noted in Norm Foster's words, "that people of a certain age shouldn't be thinking about love, especially the physical kind." To paraphrase the write up, it's as long as you can still answer the call that love is ageless and there is nothing like being in love. The story is about friendship which developed over time. A friendship that happens when two people meet and then meet again albeit fleetingly over their lifetimes, their paths cross and there is a thread that has bound them from the first moment they met. When one cannot get the other person out of their head… someone who has found a place in the other person's heart from day one and that was what this story was all about.

Oh my… there were lines in the play that were so poignant. If anyone is a real, and I mean, real romantic, this is the play to see. You'd find that familiar lump in your throat in parts, that is such a great feeling when you 'hear' feelings and emotions and it knocks you harder in the pit of your stomach than just your head. The storyline was about a friendship that began several decades prior when Bud first began working at the company at which Arthur was the owner/manager. Over time, a growing fondness developed in Bud's heart for Molly, Arthur's wife. She held a special place in Bud's heart and each time he would run into her, it seemed to make him come alive. Some people have had the pleasure of having that happen and to see it on stage in such a perfectly easy flowing form, seems to stir it all up and it comes to the surface and makes you feel good.

The set is a simple one, simply ingenius… three circle/geometric shapes at different levels… one to look like a stool and one like a riser on the main circle. But when the play unfolds as we are carried through different times of the characters' intertwining lives, there is no need for anything more because with their words and interaction, the surroundings are created around them through the imagination and the actors are the focal point. It is the most magical thing. The entire production is like being on that magic carpet, floating through times back and forth, enjoying every angle without leaving our seats.

Old Love is well worth the drive to Port Dover… another wonderful heartful of enjoyment. The show dates are May 20th-June 11th, 2008. For show times and tickets, please call: 519-583-2221 or toll free: 1-888-779-7703 ext. 226, or boxoffice@lighthousetheatre.com

I loved it so much, I am going to see it again. I have to… my heart tells me so.