"Rockets along with excellent physical farce and one-liners." -- Halifax Chronicle Herald

Jamie Williams and Ginette Mohr in Neptune Theatre's production of Skin Flick. 2009


  Skin Flick is the hilarious story of five ordinary people caught up in the business of making a porn film.
  The following scene takes place on the first day of shooting.
Daphne: Jill, come back. Please.
Jill: He was looking at my breasts! He was staring right at them!
Alex: I'm the cameraman! I was looking at every bit of you! But it was strictly on a professional level.
Jill: Yeah, maybe with your camera eye it was professional, but your free eye was checking me out.
Byron: I thought he was checking me out.
Alex: I told you, I'm not gay!
Jill: What is it with you and breasts anyway? Do you have a fixation about them?
Alex: I'm a man! Breasts are the Holy Grail!
Daphne: All right, look, can we go back in and continue shooting please?
Jill: Only if he promises to stop checking me out.
Alex: I don't see what the big deal is. After we finish this thing, your breasts are going to be checked out by thousands of men. Hundreds of thousands! They'll be the Super Bowl of breasts.
Daphne: Alex, would you just promise her please?
Alex: Fine. I promise.
Jill: Thank you. How did they look by the way?
Alex: How did what look?
Jill: My breasts. Were they pointing out or down?
Alex: Straight out. Like laser beams. I think you fixed my bad eye.
Jill: (To Byron.) Is that true?
Byron: They were looking right at me.
Jill: Daphne?
Daphne: They held me spellbound.
Jill: All right, good. Let's go.
copyright 2009 Norm Foster