"Keeps the audience enthralled from start to finish." --Kincardine News


Tracey Hway & Daniel McCarthy in The Bluewater Summer Playhouse production of Storm Warning. 2003



  Storm Warning is the story of emotionally damaged World War Two veteran Jack Forrester and a brassy amphetamine-popping music writer named Emma Currie. Set in 1953, it tells the story of two hearts that come together one September weekend. Two hearts which will beat differently from that weekend on.
  In the following scene Emma has arrived to get checked in at the Pigeon Lake Hidden cabins. She meets Jack Forrester who is the proprietor of the cabins.
Emma: So, what are the cabins like?
Jack: The cabins are nice. Rustic.
Emma: Rustic? Rustic how? Is there indoor plumbing?
Jack: In the kitchen there is, yes. Thereís a sink and running water in the kitchen.
Emma: What about the bathroom?
Jack: Uh..no.
Emma: Thereís no running water in the bathroom?
Jack: Thereís no bathroom. Each cabin has itís own outhouse though. Right over there. (Pointing off L.)
Emma: Those are the outhouses?
Jack: Yes.
Emma: Then what are these? (Pointing to the cabins.)
Jack: These are the cabins.
Emma: Oh, my God. And what about a shower?
Jack: Thatís down by the lake. You see that little enclosed hut down there. Thatís the shower.
Emma: Be a little brisk on a cool September morning wouldnít it?
Jack: Oh, yeah.
Emma: Peachy.
Jack: Your drummer didnít tell you there were no indoor facilities?
Emma: No.
Jack: Sounds like he didnít tell you very much.
Emma: He just said it was quiet. I guess he meant I wouldnít be bothered by the sound of flushing.
Jack: Iíll get that key for you now.
Emma: Thatís a nice cabin over there.
Jack: Hmm?
Emma: Across the way there. (She points out.)
Jack: Yeah. Thatís the Walkerís cabin.
Emma: Indoor plumbing?
Jack: Oh, yeah. Indoor plumbing, shower, fireplace, three bedrooms.
Emma: Bastards.
Jack: Donít worry. I think youíll like it here just fine.
  (Jack goes into his cabin. Emma takes out a vial of pills and swallows a couple, washing them down with a drink of beer. Jack enters from his cabin)
  Okay, youíll be in number three. Right over here. And if you need anything, Iím in number one, right there.
  (Emma looks at the two cabins.)
Emma: Okay, wait a minute. Hold on. Thatís number one, and thatís number three. Whereís number two?
Jack: In the lake.
Emma: I'm sorry?
Jack: It slid into the lake last spring. If you look closely you can see the peak of itís roof sticking up out of the water there.
Emma: It slid into the lake?
Jack: Yeah, we had four straight days of heavy rain this past April and it wore the ground clean away from under it.
Emma: And it just slid into the lake.
Jack: Slid right in. (He opens the door to the cabin.) Okay, here you go.
Emma: Question. Whoís to say one of these cabins wonít slide into the lake? Say this one? (Pointing at cabin number three.)
Jack: Oh, no, that wonít happen.
Emma: Why not? How do you know that? Have you taken precautions?
Jack: Well, one cabin sliding into the lake was unusual enough. We think the chances are slim that another one will slide in.
  copyright 2003 Norm Foster