"Completely charming from beginning to end." -- Fredericton Daily Gleaner


Stephen Welch, Kevin Etherington, Erin Marian & Heather Stewart in the Waterloo Stage Theatre production of The Long Weekend. 2001. Photo by Mathew McCarthy

  The Long Weekend is the story of two couples; Max & Wynn, and Roger & Abby. Roger & Abby have gone to visit Max & Wynn for a pleasurable weekend at their new house in the country. During the visit, we find out that Max and Abby are having an affair. This next scene finds the two deceivers discussing what they must do next.
ABBY: Max, we're going to have to tell them, and I think we should do it this weekend.
MAX: Tell them what?
ABBY: About us.
MAX: About us?
ABBY: Yes.
MAX: Tell Roger and Wynn?
ABBY: Yes.
MAX: Well, that's a little extreme, don't you think?
ABBY: I thought you wanted me.
MAX: I do.
ABBY: Well, this is the only way it can happen. I just can't hurt Wynn that way.
MAX: And Roger.
ABBY: Yes, and Roger.
MAX: Well, I don't know, Abby. I mean, tell them? Both of us and both of them, all at once, all together?
ABBY: Yes.
MAX: This weekend?
ABBY: Why not?
MAX: Well, it'll certainly put a damper on things. I mean, this was supposed to be a friendly kind of weekend. We were going to barbecue.
ABBY: Max, come on. This is as good a time as any. We'll just sit them down and you'll say, "Wynn? Roger?"....
MAX: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Wait, wait. I'll say?
ABBY: What, you don't want to do it?
MAX: Well, why should I do it?
ABBY: Well, you don't expect me to do it?
MAX: Why don't I?
ABBY: Because Wynn is my best friend.
MAX: And she's my wife.
ABBY: She's too good a person.
MAX: She's a saint.
ABBY: That's why I can't hurt her.
MAX: Neither can I? So, that leaves Roger. We'll tell him and he can pass it on.
  Copyright 1994 Norm Foster


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