"A warmly witty love story. This is enjoyable, classy theatre!" --Montreal Gazette

Ellen Maguire and Ric Reid in Theatre New Brunswick's production of Wrong For Each Other. 1991



Wrong For Each Other is the story of Rudy and Norah, two people who once fell in love, got married and then got divorced. The story is told in a series of flashbacks as the two discuss their relationship during a chance meeting in a restaurant.

The following scene takes place the morning after Rudy and Norah have made love for the first time.

RUDY: So, did you have a good time last night?
NORAH: Which part of last night?
RUDY: Any part. All the parts.
NORAH: You want to know if I enjoyed the sex.
RUDY: No. No, I wasn't even thinking about that.
NORAH: You weren't?
RUDY: No. No. Well, maybe a bit. I mean, it crossed my mind.
NORAH: Yes, I did enjoy it.
RUDY: You did?
NORAH: Very much.
RUDY: Well, so did I.
NORAH: I know you did.
RUDY: What do you mean, you know?
NORAH: Well, you were loud.
RUDY: What?
NORAH: Loud. You made a lot of noise.
RUDY: What noise?
NORAH: You know? The noises you make when you make love. You're very loud.
RUDY: Oh. Well, sorry, I'll try and keep it down next time.
NORAH: No, it's fine. I don't mind loud.
RUDY: No, that's okay. You're right. I was loud. I guess I got carried away. I wasn't keeping you awake was I? Because the last thing I want to do is wake up the woman I'm making love to.
NORAH: I shouldn't have said anything.
RUDY: You know, you weren't exactly quiet.
NORAH: I know.
RUDY: You were pretty loud yourself.
NORAH: Rudy...
RUDY: Very loud, in fact. In fact, maybe that's why I was being loud. I was trying to be heard over you.
NORAH: I'm sorry. You're insulted, aren't you?
RUDY: No, I just didn't know I was being judged on volume.
NORAH: Well, now don't take it the wrong way.
RUDY: What way am I supposed to take it? I mean, I've never heard that before. Loudness. What kind of sexual barometer is that?
NORAH: It's not a sexual barometer.
RUDY: Whatever happened to endurance? Technique. I don't hear you talking about those.
NORAH: You have wonderful technique.
RUDY: What about endurance?
NORAH: Yes, you hung right in there.
  copyright 1992 Norm Foster


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