"Crammed with howlers that have married folks in the audience chortling with elbow-nudging recognition." - Hamilton Spectator

"Fall down funny, heart-tuggingly sad and wildly romantic." - Mississauga News

"Fresh and hilarious. The one-liners fly by at top-gun speed." - London Free Press

"Laugh-out-loud funny. Foster takes aim at lawyers, country music, poets, Leonard Cohen, bankers, theatre culture, male sexual insecurity, and plenty more." - Sarnia Observer

"You will laugh. The humor is infectious, and in the role of John, playwright Foster proves to be engaging, and with some great comic timing, delivers the humor in button-down Bob Newhart style." - Brantford Expositor

"Sparkling dialogue. Brilliant humour. The audience laughed from beginning to end." Kitchener Waterloo Record

Melodee Finlay in the Theatre Northwest production of Here On The Flight Path.



"Keeps audiences in fits of laughter." - Montreal Gazette

"Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a lively trip through the world of male-female relationships. The laughs are nearly non-stop." Simcoe Reformer

"Warmly empathetic, incisively observed, and wickedly funny. Norm Foster is unquestionably one of Canada's national treasures." - Montreal Suburban

"An insightful comedy that rips the lid off male-female relationships." -Hamilton Spectator

"A two-hour laugh fest! A must see for anyone who enjoys a good long laugh." - Port Dover Maple Leaf

"Soars with lots of wit." -Halifax Herald

"A true master at sending up our follies and foibles, Norm Foster also casts a kindly eye on the goodness in people. His perceptive insights into the undeniable gap between the genders resonates, even as the laughs abound." -- Orillia Packet.com

"Foster pulls out all the stops with a wonderful array of stinging one-liners." -Welland Tribune

"The roar of laughter was enough to drown out a jumbo jet." -Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"Some extraordinary insights into relationships between men and women." -- The Winchester Press

"A play to make spirits soar." -Hamilton Spectator

"Hilarious, warm, charming and insightful." - St. Thomas Times-Journal

"It's stream of witty one-liners is tempered with some decidedly bitter-sweet moments." - Mid-Ocean News, Bermuda

"Foster has delivered an entertaining evening of theatre simply by reviving the lost art of conversation." - Mississauga News

"Witty, silly, tender, moving and uplifting." - Haldimand News

"Contains some of the funniest throwaway lines Foster has ever written, and the dialogue is scintillating. A first class trip!" - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

"A wonderful snapshot of the battle of the sexes." - Mississauga News

"Told and acted with warmth, laughter, and a lot of understanding." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"The dialogue is wonderful, witty and just plain funny." - St. Thomas Times-Journal

"A well crafted exploration of modern-day relationships." - Halifax Herald

"Hilarious comedy. Brilliant." -- The Standard-Freeholder

"Norm Foster is a gifted actor who delivers his script with laid-back, deceptively nonchalant ease." - Mid-Ocean News, Bermuda


"A profound comedy. In The Foursome, the major winner may well be the audience." - The Baltimore Sun

"The dialogue sparkles and pops along like the scherzo of a classical string quartet." - Halifax Chronicle-Herald

"A memorable evening of magic. The bridges between humor and bittersweet are subtle and effective throughout."- Wellington Advertiser

"An ace of a comedy. The laughter was immediate, uncontrollable, constant and helpless." - Guelph Mercury

"For any women who really want a glimpse of how men act and talk when they are together, The Foursome offers an insider's look that is as entertaining as it is accurate." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"Hilarious entertainment!"- View Magazine

"Very realistic and very funny"- Collingwood Connection

Frank McAnulty as 'Donnie' in the Theatre Aquarius production of The Foursome. 2003 Photo by Joe Callura


"A warm and incredibly wise play. Passionately real and human." - Hamilton Spectator

"Hilarious comedy. Keeps the audience laughing harder and harder throughout the show."- Prince George This Week

"The beauty of The Foursome is how well constructed the script is. Each hole of golf is its own separate vignette." -- KawarthaNOW

"Foster's script is a marvel of comedy. The laughter was prolonged and hearty from beginning to end." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"Throughout the show, the women were laughing as heartily as the men."- Village Life

"Four stars!"- Sacramento News and Review

"Playwright Foster has an ear finely tuned to the repartee between old friends that can border on cruelty and sometimes score a direct hit in the gut."--The Capital Gazette

"An engaging and entertaining show filled with genuine laughter and show-stopping applause." -- KawarthaNow.com

"Offers 18 holes and a lot more laughs ." - The Baltimore Sun

"The Foursome delivers a hole-in-one!"- Fredericton Daily Gleaner

"The Foursome is a clever and truly funny play. Filled with great dialogue and characters who become endearing to the audience, it's a show that grows before your eyes." -- KawarthaNOW

"Fast-paced and funny, The Foursome shows Foster's sheer mastery of pacing." - Halifax Daily News

"Foster is a superb writer of one-liners, and The Foursome brims with quips that leave you holding your sides." -Kitchener Waterloo Record

"Intelligent and funny. Had the audience on it's feet."- Prince George Citizen

"It enticed a real laughter---an uncontrollable laughter." - Fergus-Elora News Express

"A major guffaw a minute."- 701.com



  Garfield Andrews and Kathleen Egan Veinotte in the Upper Canada Playhouse production of Looking. 2005  

"A winning, witty script that audiences will find difficult to resist. " - London Free Press

"A smart, sexy and very funny play." - Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Worthy of Broadway!" - Hamilton Spectator

"From beginning to end, the audience laughed and hooted and guffawed and thoroughly enjoyed themselves." -- Waterloo Record

"A fabulously funny script that strikes a chord of recognition among both men and women." - Orangeville Citizen

"Entertaining and highly relatable." --Halifax Chronicle-Herald

"The humour is unrelenting and perfectly paced with accents of romance and pure passion." -- Simcoe Reformer

"A terrific, entertaining, very funny and very sexy play." - Welland Tribune

"Norm Foster's never been funnier, warmer, sweeter and more wildly romantic." - Hamilton Spectator

"Audiences can look into the depths of what the play has to say about relationships, or have a rollicking good time. Perhaps a bit of both." -- Waterloo Record

"An excellent romantic comedy that resonates with everyone." - Lake Superior News

"Foster is funny no matter how you cut it." - Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal

"The emotional ups and downs are all familiar and touching." - Halifax Chronicle-Herald

"One of (Foster's) best and most enduring and endearing plays." - St. Thomas Times -Journal

"Foster at his witty best." - Sarnia Observer

"Positively contagious for its bright blend of silliness and sincerity." - TBNewsWatch.com

"Fun, laughter and a two-kleenex ending." - Orangeville Citizen

"A big, bona fide hit!" - Hamilton Spectator

"Everything you would want in an adult romantic comedy. Nobody writes it better than this Canadian playwright." - Welland Tribune

"Touchingly funny." - Port Stanley News

"Has the audience laughing throughout." - Lake Superior News

"The volley of comedic quips keeps the show rolling and the crowd laughing." -- Port Dover Maple Leaf

"One of the brightest plays from Canada's most popular playwright." - St. Thomas Times -Journal

"Looking appears destined to win a spot on Foster's fast-growing hit list" - London Free Press

"A fabulously funny script of lightning-quick paced dialogue." - Welland Tribune

"Crackles with one-liners. Consistently funny." - Sarnia Observer





"Quite simply a masterpiece." -- The Independant

"A play that not only entertains, but keeps the audience enthralled from start to finish." - Kincardine News

"Storm Warning is a primary example of entertainment at its best!" -- The Medium News

"A powerfully poignant, yet humorous love story." -- The Welland Tribune

"A twister of dramatic narrative with flashes of lightning-sharp wit that causes audiences to roll with thunderous laughter." -- Bancroft This Week

"Causes an audience to experience joy and heartache in one sitting." -- Simcoe Times-Reformer

"An irresistible evening of theatre." -- The Live Music Report

"Beautifully written. Elegantly simple." -- Halifax Daily News

"A straightforward play that has the power to capture your attention, make you laugh, and pull at your heartstrings all at the same time." -- The Medium News

"Playwright Norm Foster introduces two complex characters, both desperate to tackle their demons on their own terms, sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes bittersweet. " -- YorkRegion.com

"A disarming love story." -- Bancroft This Week

"Funny and moving all in the same heartbeat. A great play." -- The Welland Tribune

"Storm Warning lights up the theatre!" -- Brantford Expositor

"Tugs at even the toughest heartstrings. Theatres across the country will be clamouring to produce this gem. " - Kincardine News

"Norm Foster's dialogue is crisp, captivating and hilarious. His understanding of the rhythmic nature of the interchange of ideas between actors is profound." -- The Live Music Report



"A gem that shouldn't be missed." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"A heart-warming and funny show." - Halifax Chronicle-Herald

"This is quite possibly Foster's best play to date. The laughter never stops." - The Guelph Mercury

"Hilarious. A winner!" - The Ashville Citizen-Times

"A beautiful snapshot of family dynamics." - Inside Toronto

"Norm Foster is at the top of his form. This is his best yet!" - The Wellington Advertiser

"Exceptionally entertaining. A feel-good play." - The Fergus-Elora News Express

"Keeps us longing to know how it will all turn out." - Halifax Chronicle-Herald

"Sweet, snappy and seamless." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"An exceptional piece of writing. Had audience members falling out of their seats in laughter." - The Wellington Advertiser

"This is classic comedy tuned to perfection. A must-see for anybody who enjoys life and laughter." - The Guelph Mercury

"Full of surprises and hilarious moments." - The Fergus-Elora News Express