Norm Foster, Perrie Olthuis and David Nairn in Jonas And Barry In The Home. 2015

"The play is a roller coaster of emotions, evoking uncontrollable laughter one moment and profound sadness the next." -- The Wellington Advertiser

"Words given life as only Foster could write dialogue and script pauses, the beats in speech we all do and hardly even notice in ourselves." -- Orangeville Banner

"A fully realized vision of Foster’s extraordinary dramatic finesse." -- Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Very funny and rather poignant." -- Orangeville Citizen

"It is a remarkable piece of writing. More proof that Norm Foster is easily the Canadian equivalent of America’s Neil Simon or Britain’s Alan Ayckbourn." -- Halifax Chronicle Herald

"A sure fire hit." -- Kincardine Record

"A very funny and genuine live theatre experience." -- The Wellington Advertiser

"The play is certain to become a staple in Canadian theatre." -- The

"Foster’s dialogue doesn’t just snap, crackle and sparkle. It probes, digs in and sometimes reveals the characters as edgy provocateurs. The exchanges are frank, funny and at times daringly subversive." -- Halifax Chronicle Herald

"The humour and the heartstrings are all tied up in the dialogue, at which Norm Foster is a master." -- The Orangeville Citizen

"Jonas and Barry in the Home is one of those too few scripts, rare productions that will turn first-timers into theatre fans." -- Orangeville Banner

"The bantering and fast-paced hilarity are pure Foster" -- Kincardine record

"Foster defies the pretense of the stage and plunks simple reality into the exchanges between his characters." -- Orangeville Citizen

"It is live theatre of the first order; equal parts hilarity and heartache. Just sit back and enjoy the ride." -- The Wellington Advertiser

"There are moments when the conversation between the two men is so funny and outrageous that, on opening night, they had to wait for the audience to collectively catch its breath from laughing so hard." -- The Orangeville Citizen



Norm Foster, Heather Hodgson and Derek Ritschel in the Lighthouse Festival production of Mending Fences. 2008.

"A moving, compelling drama." -- Hamilton Spectator

"Savvy and grand. A must-see!" -- Pulse Niagara

"A refined piece of theatre that tugs at heartstrings while tickling funnybones." -- The View Magazine

"Big belly laughs and profound insights into relationships of all sorts." -- Halifax Chronicle Herald

"A must-see show that leaves a lasting impact." -- Sarnia Observer

"Mending Fences has more than its share of laughs. Big laughs. Raunchy laughs." -- Sacramento Bee

"The characters in Mending Fences are real, not polished Hollywood or overly dramatic reality TV people. And their relationships ring with truth, providing plenty to think about on the way home." -- Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Mending Fences is a carefully layered work, cleverly weaving scenes of pathos with humour." -- The Beat Magazine

"Mending Fences really does have it all – the laughs, the raw emotions, the struggle to connect and the battle to undo damage and find hope." -- Red Deer Express

"Powerful! This is a great play." -- Dalhousie Peer

"A creative, insightful masterpiece." -- St. Thomas Times-Journal

"Foster has carefully wrapped the dysfunctional revelations with some funny stuff, moving the audience past the tragedy.." -- Live! On Stage!

"The knife-like dialogue marks Foster as a master craftsman" -- Village Life

"It moves us to laugh and it moves us to cry. It touches us in ways that hit close to home and it makes us care about the characters on stage." -- The Sault Star

"The play’s structure is layered and sophisticated, but the humour and message are accessible and down to earth." -- The Coast

"Brilliantly written piece." -- Simcoe Times-Reformer

"The sort of comedy that steals your heart. You'll love it." -- Hamilton Spectator

"So delightful that you can't take your eyes off it for a second." -- Sachem Gazette

"Sophisticated and layered, this play is as touching as it is funny." -- The View Magazine

"A superb night of theatre." -- The Beat Magazine

"Foster's signature snappy dialogue and one-liners are highlighted by deeper moments of heart-wrenching drama." -- Sarnia Observer

"His many fans will certainly add this play to their list of brilliant Foster plays." -- St. Thomas Times-Journal

"An evening that makes you think as well as laugh." -- Hamilton Spectator

"A must-see for everyone who appreciates the magic of live theatre." -- Dalhousie Peer

"A great study in human relationships." -- Live! On Stage!

"Theatre doesn't get much better than that." -- Pulse Niagara

"Fantastic and funny." -- Simcoe Times-Reformer

"A touching play. Lovely." -- Hamilton Spectator

"Portrays human drama that is relevant to anyone who has ever been a parent, a son or a daughter, which includes us all." -- Dalhousie Peer



Ethan Claymore's Christmas


D.Chapelle (left), Mark Feit, Paul Durban (standing) and Deanna Walz star in the Lincoln Community Playhouse production of "Ethan Claymore's Christmas." 2017

"Blends the softness of a Norman Rockwell winter scene with a touch of Seinfeld to come up with a truly affectionate 1990's comedy." - St. Thomas Times-Journal

"A wonderful blend of heartwarming discovery and reawakening, sprinkled with the wit and perception of the human condition." - Kitchener-Waterloo Record

"Deserves a place alongside A Christmas Carol." - Long Island Newsday

"Delightful holiday fare. Part A Christmas Carol, part Christmas Vacation." - Lincoln Journal Star

"A play which could become a Christmas classic!" - Ric Wellwood, CFPL radio

"Enchanting. A delightful tale that is well suited to any age." - Saint John Telegraph-Journal

"A successful mix of sentiment and gentle comedy. A heartwarming evening of theatre." - London Free Press

"Simple and sweet. As wholesome as an omelette made with farm fresh eggs." - Vancouver Sun

"An unapologetic heart-tugger with a gentle sprinkling of laughs." - Long Island Newsday

"A heartwarming Christmas story and one of Norm Foster's best scripts." - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

"The comic twists in the language throughout the play leave the audience in stitches." - Saint John Telegraph-Journal

"A play with heart and humour." - Kitchener-Waterloo Record

"A story which warms the heart, coaxes the occasional tear, and paints the kind of world we think we deserve." - Ric Wellwood, CFPL radio

"A truly humourous play about old-fashioned values and the search for redemption." - St. Thomas Times-Journal




Lally Cadeau, Avery Saltzman and Susie Burnett in the Theatre Orangeville production of Kiss The Moon, Kiss The Sun. 2009

"Smacks with laughs and heart." - Kitchener-Waterloo Record

"This is one of the best plays – if not the best – I have ever seen in 30 years as a reporter." -- Kamloops This Week

"A masterpiece!" - Orangeville Citizen

"The perfect blend of comedy and drama." - Theatre In London

"Heroic and heartwarming. Riveting from start to finish." - Prince George Free Press

"Absolutely outstanding. Bravo!" - Peace Arch News

"A poignant combination of heart and humor, intermingling emotional tears with tears of laughter." -- Portland Press Herald

"A masterpiece. Clearly, playwright Norm Foster is a genius." - Northshore News

"A wild rollercoaster ride. Charming and poignant." - Cowichan News Leader

"A wonderfully sad and beautifully happy play!" - Kamloops This Week

"The rollercoaster ride of a lifetime." - Orangeville Banner

"The crowd rose in unison to give a hearty standing ovation at show's end." - Kamloops Daily News

"A must-see. It will change the way you view people from the outside in." - Orangeville Banner

"What makes this comedy unique in the burgeoning Foster canon is the extent to which the playwright wears his heart on his sleeve." - The Record

"An amazing story about real people." - InsideToronto

"Easily in the top five of the shows I've seen in any theatre of late." - Theatre In London



"A heartwarming and intelligent piece of theatre." - The Scene

"At once poignant and hysterically funny. " - Petrolia Topic

"Music that haunts the memory long after you leave the theatre." - Hamilton Spectator

Four stars. A great show! - Kingston Whig Standard

"A terrific little musical. The characters are wonderfully real." - Hamilton Spectator

"Tender, saucy, funny and bittersweet." - Kitchener-Waterloo Record

"The musical numbers are heartfelt showstoppers and the end result is definitely a feel good experience." - Elora News Express

"Sparkles with the stuff dreams are made of and leaves us hungry for more." - Petrolia Topic

Craig Mason and Shannon McCaig in the Thousand Islands Playhouse production of Jasper Station. 2002

"Jasper Station is a story that resonates with both humour and pathos, and should be a must-see on anyone's list of wonderful Canadian plays." - Sarnia Observer

"Thoroughly entertaining. Terrific!." - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

"A stunning Canadian musical!" - Hamilton Spectator

"Very funny and deeply touching. A show one could easily visit more than once." -- Brantford Expositor

"This show is not to be missed" - Port Dover Maple Leaf