Brenda Bazinet and Jerry Franken in the Lighthouse Festival Theatre production of Old Love. 2008. Photo by Norm Foster
"If anyone is a real, and I mean real, romantic, then this is the play to see." -- The Sachem & Gazette
"The show is both life and love-affirming and is blessed with a witty script by Norm Foster" -- Detroit Free Press
"Very, very funny!" -- The Albany Times-Union
"Old Love is a perfectly lovable and enticing evening at the theatre." -- The Long Beach Press-Telegram
"Foster is an insightful and very funny playwright with deep affection for his characters."-- Encore Michigan
"Brilliant comedic moments." -- Simcoe Reformer
"This Norm Foster comedy is a breath of fresh air with its wistful and witty story about love over the long haul." -- Theatre In London
"A pure gem. Foster is a master craftsman." -- The Beat Magazine
"The characters, and the crackling dialogue are enough to convince us, young and old alike, that love is worth waiting for." -- The Westerly Sun
"Charmingly written. Has the audience smiling, chuckling and laughing throughout." -- The Hub
"One of Foster's more engaging and witty scripts. You'll laugh and maybe cry a little." -- Kingston Whig-Standard
"Few shows will leave an audience happier." -- Detroit Free Press
"Filled with hilarious situations, punchy dialogue, poignant drama, and endearing characters." -- Kawartha Now
"Warm, funny, witty, insightful and delightful." -- The st. Thomas Times-Journal
"Funny and sometimes outright hilarious." -- The Gananoque Reporter
"A love story for the ages."-- Encore Michigan
"It is as funny as it is touching." -- The Long Beach Press-Telegram
"It is the unspoken drama underneath this play that makes the laughs rich." -- The Albany Times-Union
"This story features love by real adults with its demands for patience and emotional compromise." -- Theatre In London
"The journey is ingenious and hilarious." -- The Wellington Advertiser
"I loved it so much, I'm going to see it again!" -- The Sachem & Gazette
"The witty dry, humour will make you laugh so hard at times it will bring tears to your eyes." -- The Gananoque Reporter

"I have seen about a dozen of Foster's plays and this is one of my favourites." -- Kingston Whig-Standard

"Even the intermission is funny in this play." -- Paula Stewart,




"Love, lust and laughs. Skin Flick has it all." -- The Coast Magazine
"Charming and innocent. The laughs are big!" -- The Coast Magazine
"A thought-provoking script bringing loads of laughs to the forefront." -- Orangeville Banner "Foster has endless capacity for comic invention." -- Hamilton Spectator
"Norm Foster is that rare playwright who can pen a sweet comedy about a couple making a porn movie." -- Halifax Chronicle Herald "A tender, affectionate comedy (with) some great passages of classic comic writing." -- Halifax Chronicle Herald
"A potentially raunchy story told with good taste and wit." -- Orangeville Citizen "A brilliant, funny Norm Foster play. Never predictable." -- Orangeville Citizen
"Sharp and hilarious. Skin Flick delivers!" -- Halifax News Net "Delivers side-splitting laughs. Will resonate with audience members of both sexes." -- Wellington Advertiser
"Another comedic gem from Norm Foster." -- Wellington Advertiser "A roller coaster of laughs." -- Orangeville Banner
"It is becoming increasingly difficult to find new adjectives to describe the talents of Canada's favourite modern playwright." -- Port Dover Maple Leaf "This play is a classic Norm Foster exposé of human strengths and weaknesses with lots of great lines, laughs and sexy gags that surprise us even when we see it coming." -- Simcoe Reformer
"The audience laughed often and they laughed hard. Uproariously one might say." -- Sudbury Star "You’ll laugh hard and loud, and then worry about what your laughter is telling your seatmates about you." -- Northern Life
"A raucous, hilarious romp." -- The Bulletin "Packed with humor, romance, and unforgettably hilarious moments." --The New Tecumseh Times
Ginette Mohr & David Nairn. 2009. Photo by Norm Foster




"A sensational black-hearted farce!" - Hamilton Spectator

"A high octane tour de force." - Halifax Daily News

"Hilarious from beginning to end." - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"The laughs were practically non-stop ." - The View Magazine

"A roller coaster ride of fast-paced witty asides and bawdy humour." - St. Albert Gazette

"Foster is at the top of his game. He's never been funnier." - Hamilton Spectator

"Effective and very funny. The play rocks." - Halifax Daily News

"This Foster farce is in full tilt!" - Kitchener Waterloo Record

Clockwise from left: Catherine Fitch, Don Sparks, Norm Foster, Neil Foster, Jo-Anne Kirwan-Clark, and Patricia Yeatman in the Stage West production of Self Help. 2002



Heather Hodgson and Patricia Vanstone in the Theatre Orangeville production of The Long Weekend. 2007

"Norm Foster scores a bull's-eye with this tickling romp about mismatched spouses." -LA Times

"It is hilarious. The comedy was delightfully entertaining." -LA Examiner

"Funny in a bright and brittle way. A good satire on contemporary society's pretensions and duplicity." - Halifax Chronicle Herald

"It sets us laughing and we don't recover until the final curtain." - Hamilton Spectator

"Foster has the ability to pyramid laughs one on top of another or to make a joke, change the context and then repeat it several times, making it funnier each time out. He wastes little time setting things up or developing character, letting all that happen through some very clever writing." -Edmonton Sun

"The quick-witted comedy will not disappoint and is certain to make you laugh."

"A tantalizing comedic gem of a play. " - StageSceneLA

"A good old-fashioned romp!" - Edmonton Sun

"The script is one of Foster's best." - St. Thomas Times-Journal

"Fall down funny." - Orangeville Banner

"It revels in language. Hilarious!" - The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

"A blast! Canada's most prolific playwright is sending audiences home from The Long Weekend grinning." - Hamilton Spectator

"Belly laughs galore!" - Kelowna Capital News

"Long on laughs. Witty, by times biting, and always hilarious." - Morrisburg Leader

"Completely charming from beginning to end." - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

"It is hilarious! Delightfully entertaining." - Hollywood Theatre Examiner

"Strong characters, steady laughs." - Orangeville Banner

"Keeps you laughing." - Kelowna Daily Courier

"The Long Weekend is so funny, you'll be doubled over until the curtain falls." - Hamilton Spectator

"Foster has a gift for writing the way real people talk. He is holding up a mirror to relationships and the results are outrageous, unexpected and very very funny." - Morrisburg Leader

"A riotous collection of non-stop gags. Brimming with cutting quips and asides." - Bermuda Sun

"A fantastic evening of theatre." - St. Thomas Times-Journal

"Reveals human truths with warmth, humour, and a great deal of incisiveness." - Kitchener-Waterloo Record

"If you're looking for an evening of laughs mixed with a bit of class, you can't go wrong." -- PulseNiagara



"Funny, touching and ripe with comic surprises." - Hamilton Spectator

"Norm Foster is a gift to Canadians who love theatre." - Simcoe Reformer

"A delicious premise." - Brantford Expositor

"One of Foster's best plays in years!" - Hamilton Spectator

"Spirited comedy!" - Brantford Expositor

"An amazing, insightful, gut bustingly funny play." -- Northumberland Today

Mary Ashton and Patricia Vanstone in the Lighthouse Festival production of Jenny's House Of Joy. 2006.